Sunday, January 8, 2012


Assalamualaikum :O

feel really2 worried about my career n my future life !
and thinking about my past ambition :,(

actually its my ambition..

Tq For Reading And Give Me a Support Ok ^-@


.ciknoey. said...

apply laa kos tu.. :)

feeqa said...

emm mcne nk apply ye? ade ke degree kesetiausahaan ?

kamarul arifin ali said...

still not too late to think bout it...x smestinyer jalan terus kite kne ikut terus kan...kdg2 kne belok gak ble kat depan ader hlngn...aper pown yg kamu wat,,kne fokus n bersungguh,,insyaallah evrything will be juz fine...wish all de best and gud luck in wateva u do.. :)

feeqa said...

thanx syg pka.. doakan pka ye.. :)
hope my dream come true.. aminnnn